Offshore Development Center

Every year an increasing number of IT companies choose to outsource some of their work to remote specialists. They may choose to outsource the development of separate projects or establish their own Offshore Development Center (ODC), which then serves as an extension of the company's development team.

The work of large IT companies primarily consists of the constant development of new IT products as well as regular software updates and maintenance. By establishing an ODC, the company creates its own virtual office with development staff that is exclusively assigned to that company's needs and works according to the company's requirements and standards.

Yumasoft offers clients high quality Offshore Development Center services. Our company has been operating in the IT business since 2003. Our experience shows that long-term engagements such as ODC services can be a cost-effective and time-saving solution for all parties involved..

Having Yumasoft create an ODC can be much more beneficial for our clients than outsourcing separate projects for several reasons: Yumasoft has gained comprehensive and highly specialized experience in organizing ODCs. Our ODC prices are lower than the prices for outsourced projects. We always strive to provide the best development engineers with very specialized competencies in order to maintain a high level of quality.

One of Yumasoft's greatest advantages over our competitors is our attention to the team building process. Our team consists of well-trained and highly experienced software engineers and senior developers, who manage the work of the team.

Commitment to high quality is one of Yumasoft's core values and serves as the main approach with our clients.

Yumasoft has a strict intellectual property policy. We guarantee the protection and security of your property rights and the source code, received from our clients or developed in cooperation with us.

Establishing an Offshore Development Center with Yumasoft incurs no additional costs for your company for setting up an office or infrastructure. We offer you the opportunity to take part in creating the team, and based on your project requirements, we provide skilled developers managed by a highly qualified senior developer / team leader.

We provide services which cover the entire life cycle of the Offshore Development Center, which consist of consulting, management, development, deployment, maintenance, and support.

Yumasoft is a reliable partner that offers high-quality IT product development services. We would be glad to start our collaboration with a test project in order to demonstrate our professionalism, serious intentions, and reliability. The ODC can be tailored to the specific needs of your company. We look forward to working with you.